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How the “froggy” pose is accomplished safely. 

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The Froggy Pose is NOT an easy image to perfect, and it’s an extremely important one to achieve safely.

This particular pose is the most requested by parents.

When a parent asks for this pose, I tell them how it is accomplished. Babies cannot do this by themselves.  This particular pose is what is called a composited image. Two different images are taken (hands are always on baby) and they are combined in an editing software. I like to call it MAGIC! 😊

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Beaverton newborn photographer

I want to note that I’ve seen Photographers do this pose without compositing and honestly it absolutely terrifies me.

So, PLEASE take caution when choosing a photographer for your newborns. An inexperienced photographer can take your family photos easily but if they do not have experience posing for newborns, they could seriously injure your baby. Professional newborn photographers are trained in newborn safety and understand the different position and limitations little bodies can do. They are knowledgeable of baby’s anatomy, reflexes, and circulation issues (how certain poses can restrict blood flow and breathing if not done correctly).

As one of the Best Portland newborn photographer , (angicarmanphotography),  I do pride myself in documenting and capturing the beautiful images of my little clients and ALWAYS keeping them safe. I’ve trained with pediatricians, chiropractors, and Pediatric physical therapist learning so much about these little special babies.

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Hands are on the baby at all times!

Newborn photography is my passion. I want to provide an experience that you won’t regret investing in.

There’s nothing better than documenting these images for a  family that will take them back to when their baby was freshly earthside. I’ve worked very hard over the years perfecting my craft and I love seeing how excited parents are after their session. It’s my ultimate goal to make each family feel comfortable and truly blessed when a family trusts me with their little ones.

Tigard OR newborn photographer

I’ve trained with some of the best photographers in the world and am continually perfecting my skill. I was named of of the top 28 photographer for “Best Portland newborn photographer”  for 2019, 2020 and 2021, and also Best Portland Maternity Photographer