Newborn Baby boy, Fynn • in-home Studio Newborn Portraits

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My-oh-my, time sure does fly! Sometimes time goes by so quickly, I consider never sleeping a wink again so I don’t miss another moment. I’m sure you’ve felt the same way but, if you’re like me, I value my sleep very much, and this is simply not an option -haha! So I suppose capturing memories and turning them into keepsakes is as close as we can get, and to be quite fair I think it’s a pretty freakin’ fantastic thing to be able to do.

It’s so important to capture this incredible time.

Baby Fynn was such a beautiful baby, bless his little heart! He was so nosey for the first hours of our session, and I loved it. Just taking in the lights I brought along, and what I was doing around him. I loved working with Fynn and putting her into all sorts of different props and poses. Mom and Dad are big Harry Pottery fans so of course, we had to do some in incorporating Hufflepuff’s house.

Welcome to this world Fynn.

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How Do I Book A Newborn Session?

Everything starts with a conversation – contact me directly and we will personally give you all the information you need, from what to expect before, during, and after your session and what it will cost. I only book a set number of sessions per month in order to ensure each client receives the experience they deserve. These spots fill quickly, so inquire at your earliest convenience. Once your session fee is paid, your date is reserved, and no one can take it from you.

Here is your warm invitation to hop over to the Contact Page to fill out an inquiry. I will respond as soon as I can with a couple of questions to get started, and if we are a good fit, we’ll pencil you in and look forward to making beautiful memories together!