How do choose a newborn photographer?

If you are expecting a baby, you are probably doing a lot of research on cribs, strollers, diaper pails and more. You read reviews, talk to friends about what they liked and compare features. When it comes time to choose a newborn photographer, you will probably want to spend time making sure you hire the right person. After all, these photos will be valuable to you long after you’ve retired that crib, stroller, good ridence to diaper pails. I’ve put together a few things to consider when searching for a newborn photographer.

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Most newborn photography falls into one of two categories – lifestyle or posed. Lifestyle is often done in the client’s home and doesn’t include posed photos of your baby.( I also offer a rented studio in a natural light photostudio in Portland.) It usually consists of parents and siblings holding baby on your bed or on your couch or in baby’s nursery. It focuses more on the connection with baby in your home environment.


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Posed newborn photography involves the photographer physically posing your baby in all of the adorable images – just like the ones you see on my website! Posing newborns is a highly specialized art that takes years to perfect. It usually involves naked and/or wrapped photos and lots of props and accessories to create beautiful artwork featuring your sweet little baby.

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It is so important to hire someone who’s work you absolutely love! If you are are drawn to moody, dark photos make sure you find a photographer that offers that! Or maybe you love elaborate, themed set ups, or you love bright colors, maybe you are drawn to the bright and airy style. Whatever you are after, there is a photographer for you. Make sure you find someone with a portfolio you absolutely LOVE!

My style is timeless with pops of color. I use props to enhance the photo but your baby is always the focus. If you look through my portfolio and love what you see, I may be the photographer for you!

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Digital or Product

Some photographers include digital images in their packages which means you have that digital copy of your images to print at a lab of your choice. Others will help you select albums or wall art and will work with a professional-grade print lab to deliver high-quality products directly to you. Make sure you know what is included in the package you purchase. I however over digital image packages only. Let’s be honest, everything is shared on some platform of social media. It’s a digital world, and this is what I have found in years of business that this is what my clients want.

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As I mentioned above, newborn photography is a highly specialized art form that takes years to master. You are handing your brand new, precious baby over to someone and it is so important that person is experienced and puts the safety of your newborn first and foremost. I highly recommend finding someone that specializes in newborn photography. Posing babies is not like any other genre of photography. You can be an amazing photographer but that doesn’t mean you know how to settle a baby and pose them comfortably and safely. When looking for a photographer, read their reviews and talk to friends about their experience. You can see my reviews here

I have specialized in newborn photography since 2011 – yes eleven years! I have photographed well over 1000 newborns! I have spent countless hours investing in online newborn photography education and safety. In addition, I have four children and am happy to inform you that they are pretty amazing.

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Last but not least, you will need to figure out what your budget is. Newborn photography is an investment, and you usually get what you pay for. If you want to hire someone who is experienced, has beautiful props, offers a style you love, and can consistently offer a beautiful gallery of images it is most likely going to cost more than someone who started a year ago, doesn’t have a specialty and maybe doesn’t consistently deliver the same level of quality at every session. You won’t ever be able to go back in time and do it over so it’s worth it to have images you will love forever.

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I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions about choosing a newborn photographer.

Angi Carman